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March 27, 2004



Randall, visited your "just started" blog. I am impressed with your knowledge of what is going on in the world today and what the consequences are for generations to come. You are correct in that Bush (and Blair)seems to understand what 9/11 meant, not only for America, but for the whole world. The Spanish peoples reaction after the terrorists attack in Madrid to vote for a leftish government, which means that Spain will withdraw their militairy forces from the coaltion forces fighting in Iraq, is a setback and for sure considered a "victory" by the terrorists. But in a way it might show to other European countries in their next elections not to follow Spains example in their next elections. It is sad that in Europe AND Canada, the media mostly has an anti American news coverage. I watch Fox News "illegally", it really is not conservative, but has a balanced coverage of events and Canada sofar prohibits the airing of that station. All we get in Canada is the leftish viewpoint of CBC and its affiliates. I know that in Europe only CNN is available and we all know what the BBC is like.


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To end my comment for now, I wish you success with your blog and hope that many thoughtful and concerned people will join you in exchanging knowledge and engage in a dialoque about "This new kind of war" fighting the terrorists and preserving our way of life".


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I've been a long time study on this Iraq phenomenon, from the beginning where I feared it was a preemptive attack that was bad policy, to the end where I've seen many many different perspectives on the Iraq War. From Iraqis, for and against, from Americans, for and against, from foreign nations, for and against. I would have been personally stuck on the "preemption" motiff had I not broadened my educational horizons.

Recently, I am stunned by the fact that many people are "getting it". Your post about root causes and how it is the exact thing the fake liberals were touting about, goes unseen by the vast majority of those who do not read blogs for their news. I notice it now, only because I am a blogger and is learning more in the doing than just the reading.

And yet, for those who read and write blogs, the truth is much clearer and more common than I would have expected. Steven Den Beste was one of the first to clarify the ultimate strategy in 2003, and when I used him as a source to convince a Canadian citizen that this wasn't about "oil" and "imperialism", he called Den Beste a "crackpot".

Now we know who the real crackpots are.
Link to the real crackpots and the ones who were vindicated by the Jan 30 election.

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